The Demia team is involved in every phase of your project… from analysing your needs to assisting you in implementing our findings. Our five-phase process includes:

Phase 1: Listen and Learn. We actively listen to understand your business and industry, the current environment, your specialized needs and – above all – your customers.

Phase 2: Inquire and Gather. We collect data through interviews, surveys, focus groups, databases and reference materials. We think about your needs and the best way to drive responses.

Phase 3: Analyse. Information is analysed through our proprietary software, and by our team of experts. And we always have more than one set of eyes on a project.

Phase 4: Communicate and Recommend. Communicating research results is a critical element of our business. We report our findings in easy-to-understand formats that help you to take action.

Phase 5: Implement and Act. Depending on your needs, Demia can help you implement our findings and determine appropriate actions.