Your company and your project are unique. So is the way we approach our engagement with you.

The Demia team is recognized for innovative thinking and creativity in research design and project execution. We use proven methodologies… but we aren’t limited to off-the-shelf products or “canned” techniques. In every case, we try to design the most efficient methods to meet your specific needs.

In today’s global marketplace, listening to your customers may require foreign-language skills or awareness of cultural differences. We are connected through our partners to several marketing research and consultancy companies all over the world.

Here is an overview of our services and expertise:

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Complaint Analysis
Customer Loyalty and Value
Customer Retention and Defection
Customer Studies and Tracking
Mystery Shopping
Service Quality Measurements and Needs
The Customer Experience
Competitive Intelligence
Competitor Profiles
Customer Value Analysis
Pricing Studies
Service Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Win/Loss Analysis
Sales and Marketing
Advertising and Promotion Studies
Attitude and Usage Studies
Channel Management
Concept Testing
Customer Segmentation and Analysis
Market Analysis
Prospect Profiling
Sales Territory Alignment
Sales Performance Measures
Strategy and Planning
Benchmarking and Best Practices
Brand Management
Corporate Positioning
Due DiligenceParticipant Recruiting
Business, Consumer
Focus Groups Multilingual, Cross Cultural
One on One Interviews
GUI (Graphics User Interface)
Concept and User Acceptance
User Requirements for GUI Applications
Web Site Concept and User Acceptance
Foreign Language Verification
Cross Cultural and in Country

We have access to the largest DB and Online Communities to conduct online research!

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